Cloud DNS provides comprehensive command, rise uptime and lets you spontaneously high-availability with DNS failover.

Cloud DNS reliefs organizations accurately remove downtime cause to DNS outages, DDoS attacks, local calamity and other tragedy accidents by using worldwide redundant DNS-Network and enterprise grade, greatly protected DNS management platform. 24/7/365 Monitoring of DNS network to make sure 100% assurance uptime and fast resolution of your domains.

A powerful DNS service is crucial to the success of any internet business. As companies highly reply on the online to generate revenue, the essential of their DNS infrastructure and its capability as a one reason of failure may rise because DNS is the important fabric that controls the internet togather

Cloud DNS Feature:

  • Assurance and guarantee of Uptime.
  • Keep Records of Resource.
  • Diverts Web.
  • Pools of DNS failover.
  • Nodes of DNS Footprint.
  • Alternative DNS Support.
  • Web Based Control Panel
  • Maintenance support 24/7.