For your business, the Anisatech offers you a reliable with high availability, resilient platform to emerge with our Cloud Solution and empowers companies to individually and dynamically manage IT resources, utilize them to according and requirement of IT projects. Which means, website hosting options and IT recourses can easily and simply be managed with unexcelled accuracy.


Anistech cloud Severs offer:

High availability and Reliability; Client will be unaffected, if problems occur in servers, alternative servers take the responsibility of work.

Scalability and Flexibility; Easily extra resource can be added and widen according to client requirement.

Cost Effectiveness; Every economical, client can pay for what they use in specific period of time.

Simple Set-up and Easy Migrate; It does not need start setup.

24/7 Constant Services; We Offer fully support and monitor services all time.

Private clouds deliver a best way to resolve your wide business and technology complex challenges. Private cloud can offer IT-as-Service, which supports reduce costs, boost throughput, and encourage innovative business paradigm to build your enterprise more nimble and cost-effective while clarifying its working and infrastructure.


For your private cloud, Anisatech offers you an unified foundation. This foundation consists:

  • Physically partition cloud based infrastructure.
  • No capital investment.
  • Service as pay-as-you go
  • Perfect security to follow within and regulatory policies.
  • Unified solutions catalog, with billing chargeback performance.

Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS provides comprehensive command, rise uptime and lets you spontaneously high-availability with DNS failover.


Cloud DNS reliefs organizations accurately remove downtime cause to DNS outages, DDoS attacks, local calamity and other tragedy accidents by using worldwide redundant DNS-Network and enterprise grade, greatly protected DNS management platform. 24/7/365 Monitoring of DNS network to make sure 100% assurance uptime and fast resolution of your domains.

A powerful DNS service is crucial to the success of any internet business. As companies highly reply on the online to generate revenue, the essential of their DNS infrastructure and its capability as a one reason of failure may rise because DNS is the important fabric that controls the internet togather
Cloud DNS Feature:

  • Assurance and guarantee of Uptime.
  • Keep Records of Resource.
  • Diverts Web.
  • Pools of DNS failover.
  • Nodes of DNS Footprint.
  • Alternative DNS Support.
  • Web Based Control Panel
  • Maintenance support 24/7.

Hybrid integrates with efficiency and security of dedicated hosting and flexibility and scalability of virtual cloud servers. It appeared as solution for companies that required rised flexibility for development, yet desired to remain their infrastructure expenditure to a minimum.

Anisatech’s Hybrid Hosting deliver clients with capability to merge co-location, Virtualized environments,Dedicated Servers, and cloud servers to make a Hybrid Hosting service. Hybrid Hosting is advantageous to companies because it allows them to host their interoperable resources and loads of work on the most reliable hosting platforms.


Hybrid Hosting features:

  • High efficiency, High resiliency servers.
  • Automatic recovery if severs fail.
  • On-Request Scalability of OS servers.
  • Enterprise capability to meet the demands of each business range.
  • Immediate support of Anisatech Servers in minutes.
  • Complete access to managed-add-ons consisting Load-Balancing, Firewall, Backups and so on.
  • Professional Support provided 24/7/365.
  • Telnet(Ping )Testing and comprised Overseeing Sever’s RAM, CPU, HDD.

With the growth of demands of the present business, clients and companies want instantaneous conclusions and must not have to wait on resources and services. Load balancing is a ideal service that organize resources and straight them to the suitable site.

At Anisatech we understand the vale of an economical and effective platform for your business, and critical demand, of offering a immediate, reliable and useful to your clients at every encounter. Consider significance of load balancing in mind, Anisatech provides this solutions to all our customers.


Why is Cloud Load Balancing services crucial to your business ‘ success?

  • Resiliency and high Availability.
  • Monitoring and Security Against DDOS Assaults, 24/7/365.
  • Decrease infrastructure Support and Maintenance time, freedom from within resources, and make sure update are done.
  • Assists growth of Cloud Services or new Data Centers.

Anisatech delivers cloud monitoring potential competencies for average cloud platforms that relief IT Operations teams immediately and efficiently monitor their cloud resources.


Anisatech Cloud Monitoring Capabilities

  • Complete cloud computing monitoring of device, Networks and associations
  • Instantaneous, agenless design of every server as it is instantiated, do not wait for agent response and configuration before monitoring starts.
  • Complete representation for each device, comprising software, hardware, virtualization and network associations, make sure the suitable monitoring policies are always used.
  • Complete monitoring of cloud infrastructures following procedures made into OS and softwares by cloud providers.
  • End -To-End cloud working management cautioning, alerting and reporting.

Cloud DataBase also referred DB-as-a-Service(DBaaS).

From the cloud, a database accessible to clients and provided to users on require through the internet from Cloud Database servers.

Cloud Database can deliver remarkable benefits over their traditional equivalents, consisting raised accessibility, automatic failover and immediate spontaneous recovery from failures, automated on –the-go scaling, least expenditure and support of in-house hardware, and strong best performance .


Anisatech’s DBaaS platform enable you to:

  • Provide hugh-value, rise margin application services.
  • Target a wast broad range of clients(gaming, web and enterprises)
  • Rise expense potential.
  • Significant differentiate from competitive offerings.

Cloud Big Data Platform

Anisatech offers a completely integrated and managed Big Data Platform in an as-a-service model that uses latest web-scale technologies to allow application developers to immediate develop, test and deploy applications that need any association of ad-hoc, analytics of realtime.

Anisatech Big Date Platform as-a-Service allows you to:

  • Experience a complete managed, analytic development platform available to utilize in under given few days, not months and scale to address the difficult hybrid environments.
  • Provide ad-hoc, batch and in-memory analytics support.
  • Guarantee that your platform is always available, and functions at rang and rise as demand.

Accidents happens stolen, fire, flood can damage and destroyed your computer or the Hard drive suddenly fails. Hence it’s essential to have a backup scheme that can restore all valuable data. Cloud Back services are an economical way to offer you some peace of mind, storing the whole contents of your device to the cloud.


Anisateh Backup cloud is a extensive, yet simple, significant and economical cloud backup and recovery solution that qualifies service providers to solve their client’s data security problems.

Anistech Backup Cloud is:

  • Cost-effective and capable to run on your existing infrastructure.
  • Fast to deploy
  • Simple to Use And Manage
  • Confirmed, reliable technology from an professional vendor.

Cloud Block Storage

Anisatech Block Storage offers industry top storage and Networking hardware to deliver an greatly quick and reliable storage platform for you contents. Anisatech is offered to your dedicated severs as an ISCSI LUN and is able of controlling different connections to the similar LUN automatically.

Anisatech Cloud Block Storage include:

  • Workloads needing long-duration data endurance.
  • Workloads needing persistent reads and writes concurrently with hugh IOPS functions.
  • Primary storage for a DB or an enlarge file system.
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