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For servers, storage and networking, your company applications consist distinct infrastructure requirements. Let Anisatech manage the complicated informatons by developing a managed platform entirely for your significant demands.

Anisatech will help you choosing the dedicated servers, storage and networking choices that will admit us to successfully handle your devices and data in protected environment. In the result in the build up of a managed server that’s been designated for you and assurance flawless guarantee, high-security, rise throughput and maximum uptime.

Anisatech Offers following Managed Services:

  • Comprehensive system monitoring
  • Fast alert notification
  • Secured by Antivirus
  • Limitless backup storage
  • Consistent OS patching
  • Routine Server maintenance
  • Expandable range IP’s

One of the main issue for the businesses and sites to rise is the potential to precisely scheme scalability or the knowledge to run such schemes, or the Hugh expense of an in-house professional IT team that will conclusively in the inability to handle immediate and exponential develop.

With the assistance of our expert account Executive, you will have approach to aware person who will assist guide you by your choices to range your online infrastructure to hit you continuous progress demands.

We work closely with our customer to make sure that your hosted infrastructure hits and extend your company’s business demands for traffic inconstancy application workout, storage, tragedy recovery, and protection.

For both Linux and Windows Platform, Anisatech delivers Server Clustering Services.


Disaster Recovery Solutions For Any Sized Organization

Nowadays, world consisting an efficient data backup and disaster recovery services in location might be distinct between a business with developing path and one that declining.

Anisatech understand the requirements of companies when it comes disaster recover and delivers the resources to secure businesses resume to work with minimum interruption. Anisatech Disaster Recovery Solution consists both physical and virtual platform making sure critical applications, data and precise system are secured no matter what.

Release the frustration of maintaining your critical first line of defence against malicious threats with our managed Firewalls.

To meet your precise security needs, Anisatech Managed Firewall offers absolute model and a number of various technology options. Our custom managed firewall services order from primary level to enterprise level firewalls which can utilize in multi-tiered configuration for company crucial infrastructure.

Our managed Firewalls are also provided wide range of Virtual private network (VPN).


Key benefits of our managed firewalls

  • 24/7/365 data protection
  • Improve Firewall performance
  • Monitoring and management burden decrease
  • Boost uptime and High availability
  • Immediate initiative of complains


Trust Anisatech with All Your Applications

A hosted application is a Software -as-a- Solution(SaaS) that permit clients to run and perform a software application completely from the cloud on a persisting users.
Our Application Hosting services provide Unified infrastructure, upgrade and application management services to make sure your software ready to adjust as your business alteration.

Benefits of Our Application Hosting with us:

  • Execute your application on state of the art infrastructure.
  • 24/7 constant Monitoring
  • Increase efficiency and performance

Best maintain and support.

DataBase Hosting

Utilize our Secure Database Hosting for your Business.

Anistech delivers entirely managed, reliable and highly protected hosting for all open-source and commercially licensed database server software. We, with security and scalability both replication server and clustered solutions , expert in working with clients in deploying, managing and migrating.

Anisatech offers in following:

· Oracle

· Microsoft SQL Server


· PostgreSQL

· MariaDB

· MongoDB

When you are starting your new business then this is the time when its existence should be felt on internet via website. For website you require a small business web hosting services.

Anisatech offers you cost effective and efficient along with Backup email servers and filtering service for spams & viruses. Our Business Web Hosting solutions are modeled to meed the demands and needs of enterprise business websites making sure the high protection. We guarantee upto 100% uptime web hosting and deliver 24/7 maintenance and support.

Anisatech’s Business web hosting

  • Efficient e-mail support.
  • Offers UK Data Centers.
  • Proudly provides UK support
  • Expandable and Upgradable to meet your requirements.
  • Offers domain names options

Protect and Secure your business website with an SSL certificate

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