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At Anisatech Dedicated Servers, we claim to offer you the best deals on affordable and efficient dedicated servers and offer them along with professional suggestions, expert reviews from consumers and all the latest updates and news about Dedicated Hosting across the globe.

Whether you are looking out to grow you current business website or staring new business investing in a dedicated servers, we are here offering you cost- effective, reliable and with high availability.

Our Dedicated Server Solutions offer:


  • High efficiency Severs
  • Fast installation of cPanel & WHM.
  • Best Monitoring Dedicated Servers.
  • Immediate Reboot/ Re-installation on request.
  • Simple Control Panel with Root Access.
  • Semi Managed Servers.
  • Free Migration of DNS Manager.
  • IP addresses: Public Ipv4 and Ipv6.
  • Network Up-time, 99.9%.
  • Auto installation and re-bootless updates.

Value Servers

Great Value with 8GB Memory, 2TB SATA and 1Gbps connection

Single CPU Servers

16GB or 32GB Memory, SATA disks and 1Gbps Unmetered

Dual CPU Servers

Powerful professional servers, Dual Xeon CPU and up to 768GB memory

Storage Servers

Up to 48TB storage and 1Gbs or 10Gbs Unmetered Port.

Ultimate Server

48 CPU Cores, up to 1.5TB Memory, and 8 x SSD Hard Drives

All Servers

Compare our full range of dedicated

penAnisatech Linux Dedicated Sever package provides unparalleled security, management and best administration alternatives. You can select any level of our Linux Dedicated Server Solution package or contact us to get a facilitating arrangement that is redone pleasant to you! Our professional Linux Dedicate Hosting are dedicated to you server and available 24/7 for your assistance with any problem.

Advantages of Linux Dedicated Servers

  • Entirely under your command, alter and modify your dedicated server with your picked OS.
  • Easily customize because it is open source.
  • Linux servers are very affordable.
  • Protected by firewall to secure from Spyware and Malware attacks
  • Great reliability and availability.
  • Protected from DDoS attacks 24/7/365.

winAnisatech is a high quality, cost effective window dedicated server hosting provider. Our Window dedicated servers consist significant hardware RAID, Dual Hard Drives, Dual Network Cards, Dual Power Resources and IPMI or KVM over IP-Server Consol access

Anisatech features:

  • Operating System on your demand.
  • Give you full administrative access
  • Remote Server Access, KVM or KVM Over IP
  • UnMetered Bandwidth
  • Replacement H/W Guarantee
  • DNS hosting Unlimited

fwThe most essential secure hosting service is firewall, which act as a shield to keep harmful forces on the cyber away from your contents and data, secure from malicious traffic which letting actual traffic. Our dedicated firewall make sure business availability by working as first line of protection of your servers from cyber malicious traffic.

Anisatech firewalls deliver a powerful degree of protection from assaults coming form the outside because they consist their self OS, and work freely of the servers they modeled to secure.

Anisatech’s Firewall feature offer:

  • Enhance security for your complete infrastructure.
  • Packet filtration, investigation and port blocking.
  • With VPN, always encryption.
  • Offers entire redundancy.
  • Filter traffic malicious traffic.

ddddOur Server Backup features:

  • Full Image Backup
  • Backup files overnight from organization servers.
  • Manage both Onsite/offsite Archives.
  • Restored the lost data and files.
  • Incremental backups recognize changes made since the last backup

Pre-configured & Custom Built Dedicated Server Solutions

Anisatech provides the modern server hardware to ensure you gain the ultimate dedicated servers hosting experience. Every dedicated server delivers you complete root access, and advantage of leading network infrastructure and powerful connectivity that you can count on best efficiency and speed possible.

Managed Hosting can add the following advantages to business:

  • Efficient built platform for you Servers.
  • Provide excellent security service.

Flexibility in expanding infrastructure.

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