Anisatech provides a complete technology service for businesses across UK
Technology Management is set of management rules and regulations admit organization to organize their technological base to develop competitive benefits. Permit us to emerge the existing systems your business utilizes with the most strong rising technologies.
Anisatech IT maintenance and support services can growth IT security, less the costs, plan for tragedy and business continuity, and build your environment smooth to use and more accessible than ever.


Offer customized, flexible and cost-effective cloud services to your clients

Cloud management means the software and technologies designed for managing and monitoring applications, data and services existing in the cloud. It helps to make sure cloud computing-based resources are operating precisely and perfectly associating with clients and other services.

If you are a service provider deploying a cloud business, Anisatech offers you the management capacity you want to easily provide protected and secure multi-tier cloud services to your client, relief you stand out from the competition.

Aniatech cloud management solution, lets you develop a completely configured cloud with grow clarity, compliance, and integration of key IT actions—saving time and money for you and your clients.

Anistech’s Cloud Management Areas of Focus

  1. Service Delivery: consists arrangement, self service, service‑level -management (SLA), administration compliance, high accessability, Auto-measuring, high availability considerations, cloud erupting, consistence backup, failover and security.

Service Operations: consists monitoring, orchestration and automation, auditing, access management, incident management, metering and chargeback, cost management and optimization and continuous improvement through analytics.

sysAn unified IT systems management console that combines event and efficiency data across conventional, virtual, and cloud platform to reduce time to fix and enhance operations performance.

Latest businesses trust on intricate IT infrastructures made of servers, storage, networks, middle-ware, and other application elements to help their crucial business solution.

Anisatech Systems Management solutions allow you to gain an deep look into your IT infrastructure and actively protect your business by integrating flaws and performance events consuming a aggregation of agents and agentless monitoring

deskWhether you’re looking to receive or incline of your IT devices, Anisatech IT Procurement Services can help your business to accomplish these objectives in the most cos-effective manner. We have professional, experienced, expert team to make sure the great financing choices that meet your exclusive business requirements.

IT procurement procedure benefits Aniatech by delivering:

  • Brand and model standardization where suitable.
  • A campus-wide inventory of hardware and software to assist effective planning, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal.
  • Pricing benefits gained through volume purchasing and working with preferred vendors.
  • License vendor for software purchases.
  • Hardware and software with a known “support state” at the time of purchase.

superWhen it’s an IT emergency, we’re the people to call.

When something goes wrong on your network, you require an IT support who won’t let you down. We’ve made our Professional Maintenance Service to deliver immediate on-site help and support when an unexpected accident or failure happens.

Immediate emergency on-site response. Guaranteed.

If you are currently in need of emergency IT assistance, please don’t hesitate – call us now!

dbData is the lifeblood of your business. Tier, Protect and Manage – Smart

It is what you trust on to manage and run you new or enterprise business, allow internal plans, get-in into new markets and maintain and help you company’s compliance requirements. But when data expand consistently extraordinary speed, the devices and application you reply on to organize, store and secure this mission-crucial information have developed increasingly intricate. Your business would be in unrest, without data management,

Data Management Services

  • Server & PC Backup
  • Offsite Tape Vaulting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Archival
  • Data Centers

Anisatech help organizations and companies with IT asset disposal in a clean, green and safe way, as companies must rely to compliance regulations by precisely disposing of their end-of-life IT stuff.

Anisatech offers the following IT asset disposal services:

Recycling: Anisatech has the capability to deliver your organization with a secure and reliable electronic devices, electrical, and metal recovery service. Similarly, we recycle monitors, computers, hard drives, wire, printers, phones, batteries, and more.

Certificates of Destruction: Our Certified Data Erasure services include:
• On-Site or Off Site Erasure
• Department of Defense (DoD) Custom Level Erasure
• Disk Degaussing and/or Shredding
• Certified Data Sanitization and Reporting

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