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    Quad Core, 16GB RAM, 2 x 2TB HDD, RAID (from £76.49)Eight Core, 128GB RAM, 2 x 2TB HDD+CC, RAID (from £135.99)16 Core, 192GB RAM, 4 x 300GB HDD+CC, RAID (from £339.99)48 Core, 192GB RAM, 4 x 300GB HDD+CC, RAID (from £637.49)

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    D10-810 - 48 Core: (4 x E5-4657Lv2 - 2.4Ghz) (192GB; 4 x 240GB SSD; 10Gbps) (+ £637.49 per month)

    Select an Operating System
    By default, we install all operating systems as 64-bit. However, should you require a 32-bit version you may specify this within the ‘Setup notes’ field during the order process.

    Not Required. I will install my own using the DRAC Enterprise Server Management Card.CentOS Linux 6 - Optional Control Panels (Free)CentOS Linux 7 - Optional Control Panels (Free)Debian Linux 7 (Free)Fedora Linux 21 (Free)Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS (Free)Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS (Free)Ubuntu Linux 14.10 (Free)Citrix XenServer 6.x Free (Free)VMWare ESXi / vSphere 5.5 Hypervisor (Evaluation Licence) (Free)VMWare ESXi / vSphere 6.0 Hypervisor (Evaluation Licence) (Free)Windows Server Enterprise 2008 R2 (No Virtual OSE Rights) (+ £17.00 per month)Windows Server 2012 R2 (+ £17.00 per month)Windows Server Install Only - Provide Key and Version In Notes (Free)Other OS - Details Provided In Notes (Free)

    Select Control Panel Software
    Control Panel software allows administration of your server via a web interface. CPanel and Plesk both offer the ability to create unlimited web hosting accounts for your customers or users in your company with a control panel for each user to administer day to day tasks.

    Not RequiredPlesk Panel - Unlimited Domains and Powerpack (Linux/Windows) (+ £12.74 per month)CPanel/WHM (Linux) (+ £12.74 per month)CPanel/WHM (Linux) + Fully Managed Service (+ £54.39 per month)Webmin Control Panel (Linux) (Free)SolusVM - Additional Licence Required (Linux) (Free)

    Select an SQL Database
    Not Available (Select Microsoft Operating System)

    At Redstation, we only use ECC (Error Correction Codes) memory which automatically detects errors preventing data corruption and creates logs for quick replacement.

    192GB DDR3 ECC Memory (Free)256GB DDR3 EEC Memory (+ £34.00 per month)384GB DDR3 EEC Memory (+ £102.00 per month)512GB DDR3 EEC Memory (+ £170.00 per month)768GB DDR3 EEC Memory (+ £306.00 per month)1024GB DDR3 EEC Memory (+ £442.00 per month)1536GB DDR3 EEC Memory (+ £714.00 per month)

    Hard Drive Configuration

    You can select from a large range of hard drive options, if you require a different configuration please contact sales@redstation.com.

    4 Hard Drives6 Hard Drives8 Hard Drives10 Hard Drives12 Hard Drives

    Hard Drive

    4 x 240GB Solid State Drive (MLC) (Free)4 x 512GB Solid State Drive (MLC) (+ £25.50 per month)4 x 1TB Solid State Drive (TLC) (+ £93.50 per month)4 x 2TB Solid State Drive (TLC) (+ £125.80 per month)

    Additional Hard Drive

    Not RequiredAdditional 12 x 600GB SAS 15,000RPM (+ £229.50 per month)Additional 24 x 600GB SAS 15,000RPM (+ £459.00 per month)Additional 12 x 4TB SAS 7,200RPM (+ £331.50 per month)Additional 12 x 6TB SAS 7,200RPM (+ £382.50 per month)Additional 24 x 6TB SAS 7,200RPM (+ £765.00 per month)Additional 24 x 4TB SAS 7,200RPM (+ £663.00 per month)


    We recommend that all customers using virtualisation upgrade to the H700 card.
    As we only use Dell servers, the raid cards are also supplied by Dell ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with your server.

    For customers requiring a raid solution with even greater performance (including battery back-up) we also offer an Advanced Raid option.

    Please note:

    Raid 1 will only provide 1 usable disk from a redundant pair.

    RAID 0 will provide 1 Usable disk with no redundancy.

    H710p Raid Controller with BBU - Raid 10 (Free)H710p Raid Controller with BBU - Raid 0 (Free)H710p Raid Controller with BBU - Raid 1 + Raid 1 (Free)H710p Raid Controller with BBU - Raid 5 (Free)H710p Raid Controller with BBU - Raid 5 + Hotspare (Free)H710p Raid Controller with BBU - Custom Configuration (Free)

    Remote Management

    The Dell Remote Access Controller or DRAC, provides out-of-band management facilities. The controller has its own processor, memory, battery, network connection, and access to the system bus. Key features include power management, virtual media access and remote console capabilities, all available through a supported web browser - (KVM over IP). The DRAC provides our customers with the ability to configure a server as if they were sitting at the local console (terminal).

    We recommend the Enterprise Server Management Card which includes the complete feature set.

    DRAC Enterprise (Virtual KVM) (Free)DRAC Enterprise (Virtual KVM) + Dedicated Port (+ £8.50 per month)

    Hardware Firewall Management

    PfSense Firewall - Simple web managed firewall provides support for VPN connections, traffic shaping and full stateful firewall management. Easy package manager allows additional modules to be loaded such as load balancing and proxies when required.

    Unmanaged Dedicated Cisco Firewall - Dedicated hardware firewall, provided in transparent mode and remote access details included. The Cisco ASA series support stateful firewall, packet inspection and VPN technologies.

    Managed Dedicated Cisco Firewall - Dedicated hardware firewall, with 24/7 support desk for modifying access list rules when requirements change or response to attack or intrusion.

    Important Note - All firewalls are designed as security appliances and not denial of service prevention devices. Customers who are attacked by denial of service or flood attacks may be null routed or suspended regardless of firewall product selected. Specialist Denial of service RioRey devices are available on request.

    Not RequiredDedicated PFSense Firewall Appliance (Basic Management - 1Gbps Supported) (+ £68.00 per month)Unmanaged Dedicated Cisco ASA5515X - (1Gbps Supported) (+ £127.50 per month)Managed Dedicated Cisco ASA5515X - (1Gbps Supported) (+ £144.50 per month)

    Backup Storage Device

    A privately attached USB hard disk makes for an easy to use and cost effective backup storage solution.

    For mission critical data, we recommend you also take advantage of our Network Backup Storage option.

    Not Required2TB Backup Storage Drive (USB) (+ £8.50 per month)2 x 2TB Backup Storage Drive (USB) (+ £14.44 per month)1TB Backup USB SSD (+ £17.00 per month)

    Network Backup Storage

    A dedicated Windows NAS (Network Attached Storage) device connected to the secondary network port of your dedicated server providing independent storage ideally suited for backups.

    Not Required1TB Dedicated Windows Network NAS (+ £50.99 per month)4TB Dedicated Windows Network NAS (+ £76.49 per month)12TB Dedicated Windows Network NAS (+ £127.49 per month)

    IP Allocation

    4 Usable IP Addresses (RIPE /29) (Free)9 Usable IP Addresses (RIPE /29 + /29) (+ £10.20 per month)17 Usable IP Addresses (RIPE /29 + /28) (+ £20.40 per month)33 Usable IP Addresses (RIPE /29 + /27) (+ £40.80 per month)65 Usable IP Addresses (RIPE /29 + /26) (+ £81.60 per month)129 Usable IP Addresses (RIPE /29 + /25) (+ £163.20 per month)Any Other IP Allocation - Please Enquire (Free)

    Dedicated Bandwidth

    Every server with Redstation has unlimited bandwidth so you have no surprise over-usage bills. Traffic between servers and download traffic is not restricted and you can use the full speed of your connection. Traffic from Redstation to the Internet may be restricted to your guaranteed speed although every server can burst to the full connection speed for a short period of time.

    Unmetered 10Gbps Port / Contended (Free)Unmetered 10Gbps Port - 2Gbps Guaranteed **Equivalent to 642TB/month** (+ £594.99 per month)Unmetered 10Gbps Port - 5Gbps Guaranteed (+ £1,699.15 per month, + £1,000.00 setup fee)Unmetered 10Gbps Port - 10Gbps Guaranteed **Equivalent to 3210TB/month** (+ £2,549.15 per month, + £2,000.00 setup fee)

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